sábado, enero 30, 2016

Valor educativo de los Puzzles

Acabo de comenzar un MOOC sobre Diseño y Desarrollo de Técnicas/Tecnologías para la Educación.
Iré colgando por aquí las tareas que presento al curso por si son de utilidad.
Hoy vamos con el uso de Puzzles en educación.

NAME: Jigsaw PuzzlesTYPE OF TECHNOLOGY: GameTIME PERIOD: Credited to John Spilsbury, a London cartographer and engraver,around 1760.LINK: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jigsaw_puzzlehttp://www.techsupportalert.com/content/best-free-jigsaw-puzzle-and-creator.htmEDUCATIONAL VALUE:
-It improves concentration and problem solving skills.
-It improves spatial vision and attention to the details.
-It helps to devise plans to tackle the task of completing it.
-It is fun and de-stressing
-It trains visual memory and imagination
-In case of large puzzles, it improves patience and perseverance and, if made with others, cooperation.
-If completed, it boosts your self esteem.
-Besides, when used specifically for educational purposes, it helps you memorize different aspects of a topic (ie: locations and distributions in geography, anatomy…)
Concerning the educational value of Jigsaw Puzzles, does anyone know of scientific experiments proving the aforementioned list in a quantitative way?

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