martes, junio 21, 2011

A mitad de camino

The mathematics departments have a higher proportion of people with Asperger's syndrome than any other university department.
We then got a demonstration of his tongue gymnastics. He'd read as a student how 1 in 4 can roll their tongues. Out came his tongue, with a valley in the middle. 1 in 40 can make a clover. Out popped his tongue, now with three valleys. 1 in 400 can invert their tongues. Sure enough, we goit to see Conway's tongue upside down. 1 in 4000 can make their tongue go fat and thin. Out came the tongue again, now all puffed up, then deflated to a thin sliver. He explained how he'd been photographed by Reader's Digest after he'd responded to an appeal for volunteers who could do all four.
Symmetry, a journey into the patterns of Nature. M. du Sautoy.

Aunque sin haber conseguido encontrar evidencias de la primera aserción, no me cabe duda de ella.
De la segunda, habría que revisar las estadísticas. Al menos en este enlace, alguna de ellas falla.

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