sábado, febrero 28, 2015

Enseñanza de las matemáticas ¿Hay que dejar de enseñar cálculo mental y teoremas?

Extracto de "The real reason why the US is falling behind in math"
What I’ve found instead is that a student who has developed the ability to turn a real-world scenario into a mathematical problem, who is alert to false reasoning, and who can manipulate numbers and equations is likely far better prepared for college math than a student who has experienced a year of rote calculus.[...]I’m not down on mathematical training. I’m just down on the persistent memorization approach, which works your intellectual muscles about as effectively as lifting loaves of Wonder Bread helps build your biceps. We are failing our children if all we teach them are dry formulas. The benefits just don’t add up.

Aunque en líneas generales comparto su opinión, creo que la matemática más teórica y el cálculo mental siguen aportando algo imprescindible a los estudiantes.

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  1. Ya es chungo encontrar dos sesos iguales, para comparar. Pero a iguales condiciones, yo también apuesto por Mcgiver.